Vitalcare Vivid – Professional Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Ruby Colour 100ml

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VitalCare Vivid – Professional Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Ruby Colour 100ml

Product Type: Hair Colour
Size: 100ml

Precious stone, warm autumn, or fiery sunset? Discover ruby red in all its nuances Vivid Color Rubine Vitalcare. A creamy texture, a delicate formula with conditioning properties, which leave the hair soft, hydrated, bright, and pleasantly scented.
The Vivid Color Ruby color used pure can last up to 20 washes, depending on the color of the pigment, the porosity of the hair and the starting colour.

How to use

1. Shampoo
2. Dry your hair completely
3. Squeeze the color directly onto your hand and then apply it to the hair
4. Section the hair and saturate each strand well and then move on to the next by massaging
5. Leave it on for 30 minutes for a bright color and brilliant
6. Rinse thoroughly with warm water without using shampoo
7. To preserve the color fastness, we advise you to avoid the straightener and other similar tools immediately after application

Apply to dry hair without coming into contact with the scalp. Do not mix the product with water or oxidizing emulsions. Wear disposable gloves: the product can stain the skin, plastic material and towels.