VitalCare Swiss Men’s Hair Loss Vials 6ML X 10 PCS

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VitalCare Swiss Men’s Hair Loss Vials 6ML X 10 PCS

Product Type: Hair Lotion
Size: 6ML X 10 PCS

Energizing and Strengthening

Vitalcare Men’s Anti-Hair Loss Vials* help fight hair loss thanks to a complex of active ingredients and natural plant substances whose synergistic action restores optimal conditions for vigorous and healthy hair growth. Its innovative formula is based on the revitalizing and stimulating properties of the FOLLICUSAN Complex of Molecules, a concentrate of biological substances and proteins that stimulate hair regrowth functions and on the stimulating action of Eucalyptol on microcirculation.

*adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss

For a shock action, use 2 vials a week for two months. After shampooing, remove excess water and distribute the contents of the vial on the scalp, rubbing gently; leave on for 3 minutes and proceed with drying.
It is recommended to use in combination with the Vitalcare Men’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo.

Revitalizing, stimulating, normalizing, antioxidant, balsamic.

Usage tips
Apply 1 vial a week for four months as a maintenance treatment.