Vitalcare Professional – Professional Permanent Hair Dye Shade 1/00 Black 100ml

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VitalCare Professional – Professional Permanent Hair Dye Shade 1/00 Black 100ml

Product Type: Hair Colour
Size: 100ml

Vitalcare Professional Coloring is designed for those who want to obtain an impeccable and uncompromising result. Vitalcare brings the hairdresser directly to your home! The product contains phenylenediamines (diaminotoluenes), naphthol, resorcinol, and ammonia.

Safety Instructions

Always read the safety instructions and follow the instructions for use carefully. Avoid contact with ears and face. Keep the empty pack for a couple of days in case an allergic reaction occurs. Be aware that even if you have done a sensitivity test, you can still have an allergic reaction when you color your hair. The sensitivity test is not a guarantee to avoid future allergic reactions. Consult a doctor if itching, burning, redness, or any allergic reaction occurs. Contact the manufacturer and/or the competent national authorities if allergic or other reactions have occurred.

Preparation and application

In a non-metallic container, mix one part cream and one and a half parts (1:1.5) of the chosen oxidizing emulsion in cream. When using nuances from the super lightening series, mix one part of cream and two and a half parts (1:2.5) of oxidizing emulsion in cream at 40 volumes.

Evenly distribute the prepared coloring mixture on unwashed hair, leaving it on for about 30 minutes; once the processing time has elapsed, gently rinse the hair with warm water and use an after-color shampoo (pH 4.5).