Vitalcare Nutritive Liquid Crystals 50 ml

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Vitalcare Nutritive Liquid Crystals 50 ml

Product Type: Hair Oil
Size: 50ml

Vitalcare Cristalli Liquidi Nutritive restores and revitalizes dry and dull hair, and softens and nourishes the hair shaft, resulting in shiny, smooth and soft curls. Vitamin C, enriched with Ceramides from vegetable origin, acts as an antioxidant protecting against free-radical damage. The result is shiny, healthy-looking curls.


Revitalizing, softening, polishing. Vitalcare Nutritive Liquid Crystals are enriched with vegetable ceramides: designed to restore vigor, shine, and softness to dry, brittle, and dull hair.

Usage tips

Apply a few drops to wet hair, insisting on the ends. Do not rinse. Proceed to fold.

Main ingredients

Among the main ingredients of liquid hair crystals we find: vegetable ceramides.