NOU Velvet Blossom Perfume for Women 50ml EDP

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NOU Velvet Blossom Perfume for Women 50ml EDP

Product Type: Eau de Parfum
Size: 50ml
Gender: Female

NOU VELVET BLOSSOM PERFUME FOR WOMEN – created from natural essential oils, NOU Velvet Blossom perfume for women has an exotic, spicy scent with zesty, invigorating undertones. In the beautiful Catalan language, NOU means “new” – a new fragrance, sparking new emotions for a new you!

FRESH PERFUME CRAFTED BY FRENCH PERFUMERS – blended by French perfume experts, this exotic perfume excites all the senses and is made up of premium, natural ingredients. Our Velvet Blossom perfume is hugely popular amongst confident women, who flourish in the excitement of adventure and travel!

VELVET BLOSSOM PERFUME FRAGRANCE NOTES – this fresh perfume is loved by women who love to travel and experience new things. Containing an abundance of natural, exotic spices including bergamot and mandarin with a pinch of cardamom These spices are wrapped up in rosemary, clove bud, tonka beans, vanilla and patchouli, giving off an earthy leather aroma resulting in a heady, fresh perfume

NATURAL PERFUME FOR WOMEN WITH ESSENTIAL OILS – each of the NOU perfumes in our range includes 10% natural essential oils, which are long-lasting and highly fragrant too. Containing no synthetic pigments and featuring its’ natural colour, this exotic perfume is safe to use on all skin types

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