NOU Peony Perfume for Women 50ml EDP

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NOU Peony Perfume for Women 50ml EDP

Product Type : Eau de Parfum
Size : 50ml
Gender : Female

When you enter the NOU Peony garden, a delicate breeze will bring you pleasant consolation. You will feel a delicate scent of morning dew on rose petals, from under which notes of black pepper emerge for a while. They will make you a bit dizzy, but do not give up. Go deeper into the garden. And when it seems that it cannot be any more delightful, the rose petals will come back with double force, accompanied by charming peony. This is not the end of the journey. Prepare for more sensations. In a valley covered by mist, you are awaited by the scent of musk, cedar wood and patchouli. Here you can stop and rest until the sun goes down.

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